Oksana Senkevich
  • Makeup Artist
  • Hairstylist
  • Browstylist


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Oksana, thanks for the selected image for me and Mother for the photoshoot) I really liked the result !!!!

Anya Shevtsova

Dear Oksana! In my profession, I immediately feel people when I meet you and you immediately charmed me with your sincerity and professionalism! After all, the atmosphere, communication, the ability to feel your client are very important! Thank you for the wonderful image, warm atmosphere and attention to detail! I was charged with a positive and excellent mood because when you feel beautiful, everyone around you feels it. And I wish you to enjoy your favorite work, grow and improve! I'll see you again more than once.

Tamara Hovsepyan

Oksana, thank you very much for the wonderful work of my wedding look. The makeup was flawless, the hair was light and most importantly the hair did not interfere. Despite the rain and my active dances, the hairstyle was preserved. Thank you again !!

Alexandra Pavlova

Thank you so much. The task was not easy, to dress up two people at once, a bride and girlfriend) And the hairstyle and makeup lasted all day just fine!

Lena Plotnikova

Oksana is so kind, professional, sweet !!! The groom says that he fell in love with me again, the hairstyle lasted all day, despite the fact that I had curls. Thanks, Oksana, I am happy that I chose you !!!

Svetlana Gorskaya

Oksana is a real master! If you want a perfect make-up (without a “mask” on your face) and a light and durable hairstyle, as well as the enthusiastic looks of men, then go to Oksana!
Just yesterday I was at a friend’s wedding, and emotions and compliments still run through my head!
Thank you very much for the skill, approach and friendly atmosphere!))

Maria Alekseeva

Oksana!  Thank you for such a wonderful image, for the created mood on the wedding day, for your professionalism and just for the fact that it helped me to feel irresistible!
Now my husband is delighted, especially from the makeup, even in the trial image said that he had never seen me so beautiful.
Thank you very much again!

Julia Akinshina

Thank you, Oksana! I really liked it. Hairstyle lasted 2 days! super)

Anastasia Shakhmina

I want to thank you for the wonderful makeup and hairstyle for the photoshoot! In the hands of a real master, you don’t even have to explain anythingю

Anna Ekimova

When I did hairstyle with Oksana, I completely relied on the professionalism of the master. She not only did her hair, but she herself chose what to do. Oksana is the first master who created an image suitable not only for my face, but also for the inner world. Thanks a lot!

Elena Mikuluk

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